‘Final Fantasy XIV’ Rainmaker Hairstyle Makes Return After Four-Year Hiatus

Final Fantasy XIV (Image courtesy of Squared Enix)

Final Fantasy XIV (Image courtesy of Squared Enix)

There is a god and their name is persistence. After four years of darkness, Final Fantasy XIV players can once again obtain the Rainmaker hairstyle.

Seemingly aware of the bubbling fan outrage, the official Twitter account for FFXIV announced that the coveted and long-lost style will return in the upcoming patch 5.5 version of FFXIV Shadowbringers.


Rainmaker was available during FFXIV‘s 2017 Make It Rain campaign where the game’s stylish in-game casino, The Gold Saucer, offered increased Manderville Gold Saucer Points (MGP) as well as limited-time rewards; one reward was the Rainmaker hair style. Since the 2017 Make It Rain Event, however, Rainmaker has been absent from FFXIV.

Most every other limited-time reward from FFXIV makes its way to the MogStation where players can buy cosmetics and level boosts for real-world cash. The distinct Hingashi style was a great tie-in for Samurai and Ninja builds looking to add in a bit of a Kugane flair. To add insult to injury, several NPCs at the Ruby Sea and Azim Steppe wear the Rainamker style, making the look’s long hiatus even harder on fans.

I wish all fans of the Rainmaker well, but I fought too long and too hard to abandon my Modern Legend hairstyle. Anyone else who paid their way through the Diadem knows: Ishgard was restored with the blood of the crafters and gatherers.

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