First Marvel-Themed Hotel Opens At Disneyland Paris

Square Enix Avengers

Square Enix Avengers

Disneyland Paris recently celebrated the grand opening of Hotel New York- The Art of Marvel. Hotel New York, which is the first Marvel hotel in existence, opened its doors officially on June 21.

The four-star hotel is a “Thor hammer throw from the Parks” according to Disneyland Paris’s website. One of the main features of the hotel is the art collection, which boasts about 350 works. The collection also features 50 pieces that were custom-made for the hotel. These were created by an array of over 100 artists from around the world. Additionally, 25 of the rooms in the hotel feature unique artwork and decoration based upon specific heroes. Marvel, in an article on their website, boasts that this is one of the largest collections of Marvel artwork in the world.

The Marvel theme is ever-present throughout all aspects of the hotel. At the “Super Hero Station,” there will be a station to take selfies with Spiderman. This area will also include scenes where guests can take photos from other Marvel films such as Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor, Captain Marvel and The Avengers.

Hotel New York’s fitness and health spaces also possess a Marvel and New York flare. These facilities include the New York-themed Metro Pool, which contains a heated indoor pool, outdoor pool, kiddy pool and hot tub. The “Hero Training Zone” is a multisport zone with space for basketball and other fitness activities. A sauna and 24-hour fitness center are also available for guests.

The “Marvel Design Studio” is a kid-focused feature that will give instructions on how to create Marvel comic art. Kids will be able to learn how to draw Marvel characters and be able to create comics of their own. This space is also influenced by the actual Marvel Animators Bullpen, according to Marvel.

The food scene at Hotel New York continues to emulate the atmosphere and culture of New York, featuring food and beverage based upon Marvel storylines.

The Manhattan Restaurant focuses on modern and authentic Italian dishes, with ingredients straight from Italy. This restaurant features “The Chandelier of Asgard” in its center, providing a glamorous showpiece to diners.

Downtown Restaurant is a buffet-style dining location. Guests can look forward to dishes prepared before their eyes that draw inspiration from Chinatown, Little Italy and classic American Cuisine. The art-deco interior is lined with framed sketches by Marvel’s Artists.

The hotel will also feature the “Skyline Bar” and “Bleecker Street Lounge.” The Skyline Bar will serve signature Martinis along with other beverages and American food offerings. This space, inspired by both Stark and the Avengers Headquarters, will feature a panoramic view of Marvel’s New York. Bleecker Street Lounge draws off of Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum. This establishment will also serve drinks and American snacks.

Disneyland Paris is currently open to guests with physical distancing and other safety measures. Tickets must be purchased online before guests arrive, as they cannot be purchased at the front gate.

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