First Nintendo Headquarters Transformed Into Hotel Marufukuro

First Nintendo headquarters transformed into Hotel Marufukuro (Image: Marufukuro)

First Nintendo headquarters transformed into Hotel Marufukuro (Image: Marufukuro)

The original Nintendo headquarters has been renovated and opened on April 1 as a hotel.

The opening of the Kyoto building, called Hotel Marufukuro, marks the first time the public will be able to see inside the historic location.

Nintendo was founded in 1889, producing playing cards, instead of the video games it’s known for today. The company then named Marufuku, moved out of its nearby shop into the company’s first real headquarters in 1933. After rebranding as Nintendo Playing Card Co., Ltd, they outgrew the building. It was vacated in 1959, but the building remained standing.

The renovations were careful and thoughtful in honoring the building’s originality and history. The original nameplate is still perched at the top of the building. Momentos are scattered throughout the decor. Some of the plaques from the time Nintendo occupied the space are written with Japanese characters that are meant to be read from right to left. The now common, right to the left form of writing has been used since the end of World War II.


The four divisions of the building are named after the old decks of cards (Hearts, Clubs, Spades and Diamonds).

The building also features chairs from the original conference room, a library, patches of untouched wallpaper, the authentic 1930s fireplace and even the old freight elevator.

Staying at the hotel will cost a pretty penny. The hotel features 18 rooms including seven suites. Prices for rooms begin at 108,000 yen, which converts to around $880 per night. The price does include all-inclusive amenities and dining at the in-house restaurant “Carta,” which is headed by well-known culinary expert Ai Hosokawa.

The hotel is also within walking distance from popular tourist attractions like the Kyoto National Museum and Sanjusangendo Temple.

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