Hideo Kojima Says 2024 ‘Is Going To Be a Tough Year,’ Continuing Production On ‘Death Stranding 2’ & ‘OD’

'Death Stranding' (Image: Kojima Studios)

'Death Stranding' (Image: Kojima Studios)

On December 31, the creator of the Metal Gear series, Hideo Kojima, posted an update regarding his ongoing and future projects on X celebrating the Year of the Dragon. In this post, he speaks on the continuing development of the sequel of his studio, Kojima Production’s, Death Stranding, alongside his upcoming horror game OD.

In his post, Kojima confirmed that they will soon be recording the Japanese voiceovers for Death Stranding 2, with the highly anticipated sequel to his award-winning game entering its second year of development after first being announced in May 2022. There have not been any announcements on a release schedule for the game as fans await more information.

At the 2023 Game Awards, Kojima showcased a surreal first trailer of his upcoming horror game, OD, which he is co-writing with filmmaker Jordan Peele. The game will be using techniques from both film production and game design to create an immersive experience, with him noting in his post that the shooting for the project conflicts with his time to develop games. This game also does not have a confirmed release date set for it, with it being speculated to be released after Death Stranding 2.

The game developer also announced the return of his YouTube series Hideo Tube, which has been on hiatus since his interview with actor Mads Mikkelsen in 2017. Kojima says that he plans to run “a special program” for the series in his post regarding his studio’s upcoming projects.

After releasing Death Stranding in 2019, Kojima has been working on the game’s sequel alongside an upcoming movie adaptation with A24. Not much is known about the current status of both projects, with OD‘s development being similarly mysterious. This beginning-of-the-year update for fans has brought excitement across the gaming community.

In Spring 2024, Kojima Productions, in collaboration with Disney+, will be releasing a documentary about Kojima’s influence on the gaming industry titled Hideo Kojima: Connecting Worlds.

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