‘Hogwarts Legacy’: What You Need To Know

'Hogwarts Legacy' (Image: Warner Bros.)

'Hogwarts Legacy' (Image: Warner Bros.)

Hogwarts Legacy, an upcoming single-player role-playing game is on the minds of many fans.

The game had been set to release this fall, instead, the RPG is now arriving in February. On February 7, all editions of Hogwarts Legacy will be available to buy but for those who want to ensure their purchase, the game can be pre-ordered. Right now, Best Buy is allowing pre-orders, tying the game to a $10 gift card if purchased before release.

There are three editions available for the Harry Potter spin-off. The Collector’s Edition includes a floating wand with a book base, a bonus robe, a steel case, as well as the Collector’s Edition boxset. This edition is priced at $300 but at most retailers, it is now sold out.

The Deluxe edition includes the base game with the exclusive quest, the Dark Arts pack, the Dark Arts Garrison Hat, both the previous gen and current gen versions and a chance to play the game 72 hours before the official release. The cost for the deluxe edition is $80.

The Collector’s Edition also includes the items within the Deluxe version so diehard fans don’t necessarily need to pick between the two. The third edition is simply the base game though there is an exciting exclusive quest for those who buy the game on PlayStation 4 and 5. The next-gen edition is priced at $70.

On all previous generation consoles, the standard edition for the game costs $60.

Hogwarts Legacy sets players in the role of a Hogwarts student in the 1800s. The player character can be completely customized and has the opportunity to fully explore the iconic school as well as the grounds around it. Be sure to grab your copy when, or before, the game releases on February 7.



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