‘League Of Legends World’ Championships Knockout Stage Begins Next Week

'League Of Legends World' Championships Knockout Stage Begins Next Week

'League Of Legends World' Championships Knockout Stage Begins Next Week

The League of Legends World Championships are now in the knockout stage as only eight teams remain. It was an intense two-week period that required a tiebreaker or do-or-die game in every single group, as the competition has been closer and fiercer every year. Especially in a best-of-1 format for groups, the chances of upsets were much more prevalent.

Sixteen teams were put into four groups of four and faced each team in their group twice. The top-two teams advance to the single elimination knockout round that starts

Coming from Group A, Korean team Griffin took the first seed by winning a tiebreaker game against European team G2 Esports. Both teams went a cumulative 4-0 against Cloud 9 and Hong Kong Attitude, who placed third and fourth respectively, in the group. In the group stage, they each beat each other once, but Griffin got the better of G2 in the game that decided their seeding.

A similar situation occurred in Group B as Chinese team FunPlus Phoenix had to play a seventh game against European wild-card Splyce to decide which team would be coming into the knockout round as a first seed and second seed. FPX won the right to the first seed after deafeating Splyce in their third bout in the group stage. CTBC J Team and Gam Esports were eliminated in this group.

Korean Superteam SKT Telecom 1 solidified its place early as the best team in the group and went 5-1, while Clutch Gaming couldn’t notch a single win, going 0-6 in the group. In between were Royal Never Give Up and Fnatic, who were both 3-2 coming into the final game against each other in group stage. Fnatic faced each team in week one and had a 1-2 record. In their week two matches, they went 3-0, upsetting SKT Telecom and defeating RNG to lock their way into the second seed of Group C.

In the final group, Korean team DAMWON Gaming dominated Group D to a 5-1 record, defeating last year’s champion, Invictus Gaming, twice on the way. IG locked the second seed by defeating Team Liquid in a win or go home game six, as both teams sported a 3-2 record coming into the bout. IG would finish the group 4-2, Team Liquid 3-3, and AHQ eSports Club finished 0-6 in the group.




The top 2 teams from each group advanced to the knockout stage. The stage is represented by two Chinese teams, Griffin and FunPlus Phoenix, three European teams, Splyce, Fnatic, and G2 Esports, and three Korean teams, SKT Telecom 1, DAMWON Gaming, and Invictus Gaming.

On the left side of the bracket, DAMWON will face G2 and SKT will face Splyce. On the opposite side, Griffin will face Invictus and FunPlusPhoenix will face Fnatic. From now on, the teams will play in a best-of-5 set.

League of Legends World Championships knockout stage begins on Oct. 26. You can predict which teams you think will win here.



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