Limited-Edition Pokémon Oreo Cookies Listed For $20 Online

Pokemon Oreo (Image: Oreo)

Pokemon Oreo (Image: Oreo)

New limited-edition Pokémon-themed Oreo cookies have been listed for eye-catching prices online.

The new collaboration between Nabisco and Pokemon is part of a series of events to celebrate Pokémon’s 25th anniversary. Each cookie has a Pokémon etched into the chocolate with 16 designs to collect in total.

One cookie has proven to be rarer than the rest, as finding a cookie with the Pokémon Mew on it has been a difficult task. In the Pokémon universe, the legendary 151st Pokémon Mew is one of the rarest finds of them all, and it seems like his cookie isn’t any different.

This has lead to people buying the Mew cookie, or sealed packages of Pokémon Oreos, online for prices above MSRP. Most of the cookies are selling from anywhere from $10-20, but some have reached amounts in the hundreds.

On social media, lucky fans have been showing off their Mew Oreos, in a similar way that fans have been showing off their good Pokémon card pulls for years.

As surprising as it might be that cookies are a highly sought-after item, it falls in line with the increased popularity Pokémon has seen since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Pokémon cards have been increasingly difficult to find, with some retailers, such as GameStop, making all pre-orders for upcoming sets online only to ensure as many people can get them as possible.

The collaboration with Oreo is one of many events the Pokémon Company is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the franchise. Other events include a special Pokémon Card set that will be releasing in October, a remake of the fan-favorite titles Diamond and Pearl launching this November and a McDonald’s collaboration that took place earlier in the year and saw similar reselling problems.

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