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Madden 20

Madden 20 (EA)

Madden NFL 20 is set to release next week on Xbox One, PC and PS4. EA Games’ works are often highly anticipated, but deceiving. EA constantly loads their Ultimate Team game modes, arguably their most fun modes, with microtransactions. There is, however, another game mode coming out with the celebration of the new game in a new decade: Madden 20: Face of the Franchise.

Us video games sports fans have been wanting the return of NCAA games ever since they stopped running in 2014. Well, EA’s newest addition to the Madden series will help us a little in the return to our college days. Face of the Franchise isn’t EA’s first rodeo when it comes to single-player sport’s stories; they’ve done Longshot before in the more recent Madden games, along with a story mode in FIFA. Face of the Franchise brings a new take on it, however, as you’ll get a deeper college football experience in the start of your career. The script and voice acting are next-level, according to Forbes, and it’s an entertaining story that will captivate the audience that loves a good single-player experience. Check out the early trailer:

Madden 20 is launching on PC, where you can obtain a Origin Access membership and start playing the game early. If you have the Origin Access Premier pass, you can play the game on July 24.

For Xbox One and PlayStation 4, you can buy the EA Access, which is a monthly subscription fee, that gets you early access to EA games and gives you a 10 percent discount on their digital content microtransactions. If you have EA Access, you can play the game for a free 10 hour trial that opens on July 25. The timer only ticks down when you’re logged into the game, so you don’t have to worry about using all of your 10 hours as soon as you buy the copy.

The normal Madden 20 release date is August 2, releasing on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC

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