‘Maneater’ Lets Players Take On The Role Of A Shark Seeking Revenge

'Maneater' (Image courtesy of Tripwire Interactive)

'Maneater' (Image courtesy of Tripwire Interactive)

If you are a fan of revenge role-playing games, then Maneater may be the game for you. 

In the game, players take on the role of a female bull shark, who seeks revenge against the fisherman who killed her mother. Throughout the game, the shark that you control will slowly evolve into an adult megalodon, growing to be stronger and stronger. Players will also be able to purchase various upgrades as the game progresses to allow sharks to be better suited for some of the challenges they may encounter.

The more a player kills other marine life in the game, the more  your shark will receive special skills. You will be forced to fend off attacks from bounty hunters who will try to prevent you from achieving your end goal. 

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