‘Mario Party Superstars’ To Be Released October 29

Mario Party Superstars (Photo Courtesy Of Nintendo)

Mario Party Superstars (Photo Courtesy Of Nintendo)

Nintendo recently announced ‘Mario Party Superstars’ on June 15. The new release was revealed during Nintendo’s 2021 E3 Direct and will be available on October 29 for Nintendo Switch. The game is a hybrid of a remaster and sequel, as countless elements from previous games will be included along with new features.


The game is touted to be a “superstar collection of Mario Party Boards and Minigames.” It will feature five boards from the Nintendo 64 Mario Party games, including versions of Peaches Birthday Cake and Space Land. These boards will have all-new events that are “zany” and will “keep you on your toes.” The boards will also receive graphical enhancements.

The trailer also demonstrated a variety of “hilarious, over-the-top” minigames. In total, the game will contain a total of 100 minigames pulled from various Mario Party installments across Nintendo 64, Gamecube and other systems. The trailer further explained that all of these minigames will allow for button controls, allowing players to avoid inconsistent motion controls.

Mario Party Superstars will additionally allow for online matchmaking, allowing you to play at any time with anyone. The game will also have a mid-game save button, meaning that you can pause during the course of a game and return at a later time. Nintendo also explained that there will be an ability to use stickers to talk to other players.

The first Mario Party game was released in 1998 for the Nintendo 64. Since then there have been 10 additional Mario Party games for consoles and handheld devices. The games have all traditionally had a “party mode,” which sees four players move through a board in a race to collect starts. This happens as players take turns rolling dice to decide what minigame will be played. Mario Party Superstars will draw upon this vast history to create a nostalgic experience with modern functionality.


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