Marvel’s Avengers New Video Game Trailer And Released Info After E3 Conference

Square Enix Avengers

Square Enix Avengers

After Marvel announced their partnership with Square Enix working on a series of Avengers video games, the design team knew they had a tough task to live up to. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has captivated comic-book lovers on the movie screen for the last decade, and with a video game featuring our iconic super heroes, it was going to be difficult to live up the story, no matter what they decided to do.

The first trailer was revealed on Monday during Square Enix’s E3 conference. With still around a year until the release date (May 15, 2020), the game showed only tiny glimpses of how game will be played out. Story wise, the core Avengers of Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Hulk and Thor seem to be playable characters, while the adaptation takes place in their new headquarters in San Francisco instead of New York.

The trailer reveals Captain America supposedly dying, as Cap is in a heli-carrier that blows up and falls in the Pacific Ocean. The trailer picks up five years later after Cap’s death, with a statue dedicated to America’s favorite hero, with quotes on the sides from Steve Rogers. Cap’s death seems to be the motivator for the other four playable characters throughout the rest of the story.

As gameplay goes, it seems to be in an over-the-shoulder third person view, like Square Enix’s famous Tomb Raider series. The voice cast has Nolan North, Travis Willingham, Troy Baker, Laura Bailey and Jeff Schine. Part of the game will be your own take on the customization of the characters. Players will be able to unlock a multitude of outfits and costumes, like the PS4 Spider-Man exclusive. Its unclear whether or not we will see appearances from other Marvel superheroes, or have any other playable characters.

The game features an online multiplayer co-op campaign that will feature a story “over multiple years,” according to USA Today. The game also contains free DLC that will be released after the game.

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