‘Mass Effect Legendary Edition’ Shines With 4k Details But Criticized For Cut Content

Mass Effect 2 (Image courtesy of EA)

Mass Effect 2 (Image courtesy of EA)

The upgraded visual effects of Mass Effect Legendary Edition are completely outstanding. As praised by IGN, it is a “night-and-day difference.” The texture of the characters is clearer, the character models are sharper, and the effects of light and sound are sharper. Overall, it is an enhanced realism. Their journey in space seems attainable even though many of us may not have access to it throughout our lives.

However, this remaster still suffers from a technical obstacle: facial animation. Despite the impressive details on the character models, EA fails to reach a higher level of realism due to its incapability to depict the subtlety on characters’ faces, restricting characters’ potential to reflect emotions.

But a small imperfection doesn’t overshadow this great rework. Playing Legendary Edition feels like coming home, with more ornate decoration and furniture. You can relive the cinematic saga buried in memories, re-ponder the choices you’ve made, and experience an individualized character, with quality-of-life changes.

There’s also another setting that upsets the ME community: the cut content. Using the unearthed file, the modders of the ME community are striving to retrieve the missing pieces of romances, quests, and planets, which are supposed to be in this trilogy.

The mod for same-sex romances was a success, allowing same-sex romances between Male Shepard and Kaiden, as well as female Shepard and Ashley. A new audio engine in Legendary Edition also makes the restoration of recorded lines easier. This powerful engine also paves the way to restore the content of the “Global Quest” and the planet Caleston. Since the audio for these two pieces is highly limited, a perfect restoration is impossible. But the modders believe that these small pieces of audio can serve as the foundation of more realistic achievements in the future. Perhaps, new maps or adventures will be developed due to those insignificant mods.

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