‘Metro Exodus’ Upgraded For Consoles

Metro Exodus (Image Courtesy of 4A Games & Deep Silver)

Metro Exodus (Image Courtesy of 4A Games & Deep Silver)

Released in 2019, Metro Exodus was available only on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. But in the latest upgrade, Deep Silver expanded the platforms for Metro Exodus, which can now be accessed through Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 as well.

Deep Silver has guaranteed the stability of the upgrade, stating that the game will be able to maintain 4k visuals with 60 FPS.  Moreover, the remaster will accommodate one of the most preeminent features of the two consoles: ray tracing. This advanced technology will enhance the realism of the gameplay experience to a new level. As for their individual features, the Xbox version includes spatial audio as well as controller latency improvements, while the PS5 version supports the haptic features for the dual sense gameplay.

For all those who have already purchased Metro Exodus, the update is completely free. However, while the Series X/S version allows you to transfer your save from the Xbone edition, PS5 does not, which means that the equipment you’ve gathered and the past achievements will turn into ashes. What seems to be a bit of reimbursement is a set of chapter breaks for players to determine their new starting point, available for both consoles.

As for the Metro Exodus PC ENhanced Edition, the PC release features Ray Tracing-capable GPUs, including Field of View options, DLSS 2.0, etc. And the Raytraced Reflections (RTR) will complement the existing Screen-Space Reflection (SSR) system, showcasing a more lucid, realistic visual.

In the future, the 4A Games Team also promises to delve into the development of the rendering engine to support more immersive gameplay. “Implementing a fully-fledged, real-time, path-traced rendering engine has been a learning experience as much as anything,” they say. “It has opened up new avenues of development to us. It has highlighted areas where we can still improve in our pursuit of ever-increasingly photorealistic imagery.”

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