Netflix Acquires Its First Video Game Company, Night School Studio

Netflix (Image: Netflix)

Netflix (Image: Netflix)

Netflix has acquired a gaming studio in one of the companies first major steps into the gaming industry.

The streaming company acquired Night School Studio, a small indie studio best known for its supernatural thriller Oxenfree.

“We’re inspired by their bold mission to set a new bar for storytelling in games,” Netflix’s head of game development, Mike Verdu, said in a blog post. “Their commitment to artistic excellence and proven track record make them invaluable partners as we build out the creative capabilities and library of Netflix games together.”

Netflix plans to add games to its library of films and television shows available for users to stream. They have begun testing mobile games in Poland, but they plan to offer all types of games, both original and licensed, on the service.

“Night School wants to stretch our narrative and design aspirations across distinctive, original games with heart. Netflix gives film, TV, and now game makers an unprecedented canvas to create and deliver excellent entertainment to millions of people,” Night School Studio’s co-founder, Sean Krankel, said in a blog post. “Our explorations in narrative gameplay and Netflix’s track record of supporting diverse storytellers was such a natural pairing. It felt like both teams came to this conclusion instinctively.”

Netflix has also stated that it plans to create partnerships with other game studios and that several are already interested.

Netflix seems to be going after the relative monopoly Microsoft has enjoyed in the game streaming service area with its highly successful service Xbox Game Pass. Other gaming services, usually created by individual companies, have not nearly been as successful as Game Pass.

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