New Details From Sony’s Next Gen Console: Focusing On “Bigger Games”

Sony PlayStation 4

Sony PlayStation 4

There is about one year until we get the new Microsoft and Sony consoles. Sony’s new console, the PlayStation 5, will focus on the bigger AAA games rather than smaller indie titles. They will be investing in the bigger market for the games to hold their new features, such as 8K visuals. However, it’s unknown how TVs that are incapable of transmitting this type of quality will handle the visual fidelity of the PlayStation 5, a console made for the future. Sony has said they are also going to concentrate more on “serious gamers,” according to Tech Radar.

It’s rumored the new Microsoft console will have Halo Infinite as a launch, making it an anticipated bundle. Sony will have their own much-anticipated title as well, however; The Last of Us 2 is finally coming and will come with the new PS5 for an exciting release next year. Most of the modern PS4 and Xbox One games will be playable on the new consoles and the PS3 and the Xbox 360 games as well.

Finally, both companies are saying their next-generation consoles will produce 8K visuals — a pretty meaningless promise at this point given that the vast majority of consumers don’t own a TV capable of handling 8K visuals, but it’s intended as a means of future-proofing the consoles. There also are other in-depth features coming, such as accelerated download speed and quicker loading screens.

According to a Wall Street Journal report, the CEO of Sony, Kenichiro Yoshida, says the PlayStation 5 is for “hardcore gamers who obsess over the latest features” and that it will be “a niche product aimed at serious players.” The report goes on to say that it’s aiming at an older audience to make revenue of the bigger-budgeted AAA games that are going to be PS5 exclusives.
It’s expected that Sony’s forthcoming console will be officially announced later this year, with about a year of marketing to take place before it’s made open to the public.

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