New PS4 Exclusive ‘Death Stranding’ Collectors Edition Comes With Life-Size Pod Baby

Death Stranding Logo

Death Stranding Logo ( Image: Sony)

Death Stranding is a new Playstation 4 exclusive set to release November 8th. It comes from the creators of the Metal Gear series, Kojima Productions, a development house spearheaded by Hideo Kojima. There has been a wide range of trailers with limited info about the game so far. Death Stranding does star the likes of Norman Reedus, famously from the Walking Dead, Mads Mikkelsen, from the MCU’s Doctor Strange, Lea Seydoux and Guillermo del Toro.

The most bizarre news about the release of the game, is what comes with the collector’s edition. With a copy of the game in a limited edition steelbook case, DLC, a keychain and a BB pod with a life-sized baby model. That’s right, a life size baby. All of this material is placed in a BRIDGES cargo case. Fans don’t know what significance the baby pod could take place in the game, but it has to mean something, right?

With limited info we have, there are shots of Reedus’ character traveling through treacherous conditions, and players will be taking control of Sam Porter Bridges, who can be seen in the trailers moving these baby pods throughtout the trailers.

The baby pod collectors edition can be preordered now for $199. You can also purchase the digital deluxe edition on console, which comes with the downloadable game, 10 different avatar sets to choose from and an original score of the game’s music. This digital deluxe edition can be purchased for $79.99.

The special edition can be purchased for $69.99, which comes with a limited steelbook, a special version of Gold “Ludens Mask” Sunglasses, which can be earned in-game. It also comes with a behind the scenes digital video.

Preorder bonus contents includes the likes of Gold “Sam” Sunglasses, Gold Armor Plate, Gold Hat and a Gold Speed Skeleton, all seemed to be cosmetic designs only. Death Stranding is set to be released November 8th, with more information about the game likely to be released in the near future.

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