Newest Fantasy Game ‘Nightingale’ Looks Awesome, Here’s What We Know

'Nightingale' game screenhsot (Image: Inflection Games)

'Nightingale' game screenhsot (Image: Inflection Games)

In a genre filled with monsters, magic and mayhem, it can be hard for certain games to stand out, but that’s just exactly what Nightingale does. The newest game from Inflection Games has elements of survival, fantasy and everybody’s favorite, crafting. The newest gameplay trailer emphasizes the importance of survival in a world that’s constantly changing, by random or by player’s choice.



Players will be able to craft realm cards to new worlds that have even more challenges, new environments, resources, weather, creatures and more! Players are hopeful that each of the new realms has a ton of content focusing on depth rather than breadth in order to make the game a more enjoyable experience. Each new realm will have its own lore and creatures you can encounter. According to the CEO of Inflection Games, Aaryn Flynn, “There’s quite a number of creatures that come across whom you can have a friendly or positive approach to. We want that choice to be meaningful to players, and we learned lessons from role-playing games about what a meaningful choice is and how to frame it.”

The game is also being marketed as a PvE online game which means that players will have the chance to explore the worlds while also encountering and fighting other players that have had unique experiences within the same world. You also have the option to explore the world with friends or solo, which Flynn said would be a much better experience to take it all in, “I think a good balance for us is that the vast majority of things should be playable solo. If you’ve got friends it might go a little faster, might be a little easier… But it’s got to be very enjoyable as a solo experience.”

As for the price of the game, Flynn says that there will be no free-to-play aspect or subscription elements in the game. “You know, our job right now is to make a great experience that’s worthy of the modest upfront price we’re asking for,” he said. “And then let people fall in love with the world.”

The game is currently in early access on Steam but will release in late 2022. “I’ve been telling folks it’s our first game as a studio, so we’ve got to get it right. We certainly take that very seriously,” said Flynn.

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