Nintendo Announces A New Indie World Presentation

Nintendo Logo (Image Courtesy Of Nintendo)

Nintendo Logo (Image Courtesy Of Nintendo)

Nintendo has announced that a new Nintendo Indie World Showcase will take place today. The show will feature about 20 minutes worth of upcoming Indie games.

The Indie World presentations have been fun ways to hear about smaller titles coming to the Nintendo Switch. While Nintendo always saves the heavy hitters for its Nintendo Direct presentations, they have announced fan-favorite titles in these showcases in the past.

The main announcement people seem to be hoping for is Hollow Knight: Silksong the sequel to the critically acclaimed 2017 hit Hollow Knight. The sequel was announced in 2019, and still does not have a release date, so many fans are hoping for a 2022 release.

It’s impossible to know what games will end up being announced in the end, but regardless of what’s announced Nintendo has a very exciting lineup planned for 2022 with massive titles such as Pokemon: Legends Arceus, Splatoon 3 and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 on their way.

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