Nintendo Introduces Switch Lite To Satisfy Greater Demand

Nintendo Switch Lite Turquoise

Nintendo Switch Lite Turquoise

During the coronavirus pandemic, while people have been quarantined in their homes, there has been an increase in video game play across the world. People have been buying various consoles that they previously didn’t have time to purchase because they were working. One of the more popular consoles during this three or so month period has been the Nintendo Switch. With this increase in popularity, there is more demand than there are Switches available.

The release of the Nintendo Switch Lite was also extremely popular and it has since been reported that people have had a difficult time purchasing the console as there is extremely high demand. Since the Switch Lite is a handheld device, it has been slightly more popular than its counterpart as players have really no need to to plug it into your TV. 

As restrictions slowly being lifted from coronavirus, it can be expected that production on the popular Nintendo consoles will increase to meet the demands of its consumers.

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