Nintendo Releases Four Classic Games For Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Releases Four Classic Games For Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Releases Four Classic Games For Nintendo Switch

Users with a Nintendo Switch’s Switch Online subscription are being gifted with four old-school games, that will be new to the console.

Nintendo released an official release trailer, which was basically a compilation of gameplay footage from the 1990s.

If you’re not into watching YouTube videos, here’s a Tweet that best describes the video.

The NES console was sold in the Untied States, beginning in the year 1985. The game Shadow of the Ninja is a 2-D platform based fighting game, where the main character is a ninja in a pink costume. 1990 may have been the year it was released in, but the game takes place in the year 2029, and the United States of America has fallen into the hands of an evil dictatorship.

The other NES game debuting on the Switch, is Eliminator Boat Duel. In the game, players duel with only one other computer to the finish line. You can win money to upgrade your boat, and even get fined for starting too quickly at the beginning of a race.

The SNES is the follow-up console for Nintendo products, which was released in 1991. That device hosted games like Pop’n TwinBee, which Nintendo describes as a “cute, poppy setting.” This game is truly the standard of 1990’s alien-shooter games. The game is not only accompanied by a retro soundtrack, but the bold and neon colors of the game definitely enhance the 30-year-old game’s play-ability.

The fourth and final game to be added into Nintendo’s roster, is Smash Tennis. This game predates Super Smash Bros by eight years, so unfortunately the game will not consist of Nintendo’s characters waving a racquet around the court. A user is only required to learn three buttons to fully master the game. The strong shot button is ‘A,’ the weak shot button is ‘B,’ and the lob button is ‘X.’ With a total of eight playable courts and two different game modes, this old school tennis game is full of fun features that classic game-lovers will spend hours for playing.

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