Nintendo Shows Off New Blue Switch Lite, Coming Soon

Blue Switch Lite (Photo: Courtesy of Nintendo)

Blue Switch Lite (Photo: Courtesy of Nintendo)

In a Tweet Tuesday afternoon, Nintendo showed off the newest member of the pastel Switch Lite family. The new deep Blue Switch Lite will be coming out May 21, the same day as the Switch version of Miitopia.

The debates have already flared as to whether this new Switch is truly blue, or actually purple. As much as I lean to team purple, the merits of team blue ought not be understated! The two colors may exist together and at once! If the switch is blue or purple, it is still a Switch. I could hold it in my hands all the same no matter the hue.

The Switch Lite has always been a hard sell for me. I adore the Switch Lite’s size, d-pad and form, but I don’t think the $100 price cut is worth the loss of the “Switch” namesake, as the Lite can’t dock into televisions. The Lite and the traditional Switch also have comparable battery life, so unless you only have a really, really specifically small briefcase and no television or monitor you’d ever want to play games on, I could never recommend the Lite over a full Switch.

If Nintendo ever finds a way for the Lite to plug into televisions, I’d be the first one to dump my big boy model in exchange for the sleek, blue/purple bad-boy. Or, maybe not. After a March 2020 stint in the rain outside my local Target, I snagged an Animal Crossing New Horizons special edition traditional Switch, so the Lite may be fighting an uphill battle for my heart.

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