Nintendo Switch Reaches Over 89 Million Units Sold, Topping Xbox 360 & PS3

OLED Nintendo Switch (Photo Courtesy Of Nintendo)

OLED Nintendo Switch (Photo Courtesy Of Nintendo)

Nintendo has announced that they have sold 89.04 million Switch consoles. These numbers were revealed in the company’s latest release of financial data for its April to June quarter. This number puts it ahead of both the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 in terms of units sold.

But Nintendo’s financial report did not reveal only good news. Nintendo’s sales figures have fallen when compared to the same time last year. This was likely due to demand for video game consoles driven by pandemic-spurred lockdowns in 2020. Looking closer at the report, revenue was revealed to have dropped by almost ten percent as it currently sits at 322.6 billion yen. Foreign sales were recorded to be 251.2 billion yen, composing 77.9 of total sales. Operating profit decreased to 119.6 billion yen, which is over a 17 percent decrease.

The Switch’s sales numbers also saw a decrease. The switch sold 4.45 million units during the quarter, which is almost a 21% decrease when compared to the previous year. Nintendo will look for a financial push in the upcoming Switch OLED model, which lands on October 8, 2021.

The sales figures for software were also released by the company. The report revealed that New Pokemon Snap had sold 2.07 million copies, Miitopia had sold 1.04 million and Mario Golf: Super Rush had reached 1.34 million. Software sales reached a total of 45.29 million. Nintendo also revealed that nine titles sold over one million copies during the quarter. Software sales saw a 10.2% decrease.

The switch did reach a milestone number of sales at 89 million. In comparison, Xbox has sold 86 million units while PS3 sales are at 87.4 million. The switch now becomes Nintendo’s second-best-selling console of all time. It sits below Nintendos Wii, which has sold 101 million units in total. The switch is now 4th in terms of home console sales. Sony’s PlayStation 2 currently sits at the top, having sold 155 million consoles to date after releasing in 2000.

So despite Nintendo’s overall performance, the Switch has cemented itself as an all-time great in the world of game consoles with its new sales achievement.

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