Nintendo Will Shift Their Hardware Manufacturing From China To Vietnam Because Of The Trade War

Nintendo's first Super Bowl ad, featuring the Switch and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Nintendo has announced that they will be moving their manufacturing sites out of China and to Vietnam. US President Donald Trump plans to put a tariff on shipped goods coming from China soon, and Nintendo seems to be jumping ahead of its competitors before the bill is passed. According to Reuters, the Japanese company plans to partially move their manufacturing to Vietnam later this summer due to the ongoing trade war that would rise the prices of their products and hurting their company, and most importantly, their consumer.

The Nikkei Business Daily had a report that said Apple was asking its major suppliers of goods to cost implications that may be coming their way with the new trade war tariff. There is a reported 15 percent increase in production capacity in China from Asia, and there is a potential $300 billion sum that would be coming to Washington for this raised tariff against Chinese goods.

And in case you missed today’s big story, Nintendo finally announced the Nintendo Switch Lite, a Switch model that performs well but is exclusively a handheld and cannot be connected to a TV. The Switch Lite costs $199 compared to its $300 predecessor, and Nintendo promises it’s capable of running games at a high speed and frame rate. The new release from Nintendo will be out on September 20, and has a slightly smaller screen, sitting at 5.5-inches.

“We believe the two systems will complement each other and coexist in the market,” Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser said, according to CNET. Bowser distinguishes the Lite as a “compact, lightweight, dedicated gaming device.”

The Switch Lite seems to be the 3DS of the future fans were waiting for. Although you can play the normal Switch in handheld mode just as easily and it runs fine, the Lite will be a cheaper alternative for those always wanting to play in handheld mode and on the go.

Compared to the normal Switch, the Lite comes in three different colors: a turquoise/sky blue model, a yellow model and a grey/silver model.

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