‘Overwatch 2’ Launches Season 6, Including A New Character Illari & More

'Overwatch 2' (Image: Blizzard)

'Overwatch 2' (Image: Blizzard)

Overwatch 2 launched its sixth season recently on August 10, which includes everything from the usual bug fixes, game balancing nerfs and buffs and the introduction of the brand-new – 38th – hero!

Illari is billed as not only a selectable character, but this Peruvian hero also harnesses augmented solar-flavored abilities to “rise like the sun.”


“Her whole life was dedicated to becoming a Child of the Sun. Now, she’s the only one left,” reads the PlayOverwatch video description. “Jump into Overwatch 2: Invasion today and light up the battlefield with the new Support Hero!”

Overwatch 2: Invasion will also include fresh co-op features. For now, the missions seem to outline a rebellion against the humans to attempt to free the robotic Omnics. It implicates the involvement of the tank hero Ramattra.

Co-op gamers will also be able to experience the King’s Row-based event Underworld. This limited-time PvE story mission will have a new weekly conflict where four-hero group teams up to battle with the Null Sector. Face down robotic waves of enemies and reign victorious! As an additional reward, challenges can be completed for free cosmetics and Battle Pass XP.

Players who are more into PvP can now enjoy the “king-of-the-hill” style mode Flashpoint. Take your team and maintain control of the random objective area to pick up the point. If your team is the first to score three out of five points, you will get the win! The currently exclusive rotation will include two massive maps, New Junk City and Suravasa.

On September 5, Blizzard will also be rolling out a helpful exercise mode called Hero Mastery. Each character will have a tailored training course dedicated to their own ability uses. The course will allow for practice without the need to worry about real match outcomes. The current roster will showcase Mercy, Reinhardt, Sojourn, Tracer and Winston.

In addition to the new cosmetic skins, these features will be making their community impact in due time. The August 10 patch note report can be found here.

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