‘Overwatch’ – Sombra Reveal

Overwatch - Sombra

Overwatch - Sombra

Overwatch theorists can finally shut u— I mean, fans will be ecstatic: Sombra has finally been revealed after what feels like years of foreshadowing.

The short, “Infiltration,” is 6 minutes of what I like to call “French people are evil.” The main character sports the same heavy French accent as Widowmaker, yet somehow she’s supposed to be a Mexican spy. Regardless, the third main villain is put to work as she aids both Widow and Reaper in their assault on what I can assume is a futuristic Russian base. She hacks the defense systems into inexistence while teasing Reaper, or so it seems.

The target, Chairman Boltsnicks, believes that mechs will ensure Russia’s future. That’s nice. Widowmaker fails to take the shot until the alarms activate and it is far too late.

One Sombra action sequence later, she reveals she set off the alarm to have a meeting with the Chairman one-on-one, telling Boltsticks she will blackmail her unless they become “friends.” Boitslick agrees, and nobody has to know how she got the mechs for Russia by trading with the enemy, whoever that is.

Let me clear something up: I don’t know what happened to Blizzard, but the writing has been getting better and better with each new short. The ending filled me with some powerful emotions. Y’know, except for the whole “boop” thing. That’s going to be something that cosplayers at cons are going to do consistently and frankly I’m concerned.

See how the character works; she’s on the offensive side focusing on hacking, teleportation and machine gunning. She also has an invisibility cloak, which should be annoy— useful. What is with me today? The trailer and character debuted at Blizzcon, where players could use her on the main floor. Get hyped, get ready, and please stop making fan theories, I’m begging you.

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