PlayStation State Of Play: Part 1

'DeathLoop' Release Date Announced

'DeathLoop' Release Date Announced

Sony State of Play took place Friday, July 9. If you missed the event, here’s everything presented in the live stream.


Deathloop’s nine-minute walkthrough features a mission in which the player must track down Aleksis “The Wolf” Dorsey. Although we’ve known captain Colt is a mighty detective with superpowers, Sony gave us an extended look at how those powers interact with in-game tactics and actual fighting. The game will exclusively arrive on PS5 on September 14.

Moss: Book II

Moss: Book II follows the adventure in the original, featuring once again the mouse heroine Quill. This time, she’s hunted by the evil force, who craves to shatter the world by clawing her powerful Glass. To save the world from destruction, Quill needs to traverse across the beautiful land of Moss and untie all the evil strings. Like the original, Moss: Book II will also be a virtual game with the primary focus on puzzle-solving. The release date is still unknown.


Gilly, the owner of a local arcade, is trying to save his business from Fun Fun Co., a faceless mega-corporation. She attempts to build a super game by connecting all the arcades, but the bright plan is destroyed by Fun Fun Co. The mega-corporation hacks the game and injects a virus. You’ll set on a mission to secure the arcade with your team. Early access to the Arcadegeddon is available now.

Tribes of Midgard

Mythical creatures, deadly souls and ferocious beasts emerge to tear down this world. In this surviving RPG, you can form a tribe with up to 10 warriors to protect your land, becoming a true Viking legend. Tribes of Midgard launches July 27, with post-launch plans revealed in this State of Play update.

F.I.S.T. – State of Play Trailer

Rayton, the leader of the Resistance Army, has been living in the shadow since Torch was defeated by the Machine Army. However, an injustice arrest pulls him out of his comfort state. He’ll be wielding his iron fist to unveil the evil ruses hovering over this city. Explore this unique world on PS4 and PS5 on September 7.

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