‘Pokemon Go’ Welcomes Virizion For The Holidays

Pokémon GO (Image: Pokemon)

Pokémon GO (Image: Pokemon)

Pokemon Go has added a new Pokemon to the game’s roster. Until January 7, the game will feature the legendary Virizion, who was first introduced in Generation V. Featured with as a dual-type Grass and Fight Pokemon, it should be no surprise the sheer magnitude of Virizion’s powers, which sees it supporting an almost 100% percent accuracy for all its moves. Virizion was first introduced along sides Terrakion, Coballion and Keldo as the third member of the Sword Of Justice Pokemon. It is also commonly known as the Grassland Pokemon.

To catch this Legendary Pokemon, players will have to come together in Five Star Raids. All five members will then need to battle Virizion if a team is successful; each member is given several Premier Balls to try and capture it.

Virizion won’t be the only Pokemon appearing in Pokemon Go this holiday season. From December 20-23, Lugia and Ho-Oh will also be making an appearance for the special Five Star Raid this weekend.

If players are unsuccessful in their capture of these Pokemon, they need not worry. Niantic still has special holiday events coming up. From December 24 to January 1, players will be able to encounter holiday versions of Pichu, Pikachu, Raichu and Stantler — plus two new Gen 5 Ice Pokemon: Cubchoo and Cryogonal.

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