Popular ‘Counter-Strike’ Map ‘Dust 2’ Remade In ‘Fortnite’

Popular Counter-Strike Map 'Dust 2' Remade In 'Fortnite'

Popular Counter-Strike Map 'Dust 2' Remade In 'Fortnite'

Team Evolve has made another customized Fortnite map. This time, they remade a map from the 19-year-old team-shooter, Counter-Strike. The team redesigned the map ‘Dust 2,’ down to the palm trees and windows on the building walls.

The company of Team Evolve specialize in making customized Fortnite maps for fans, and corporate sponsors. They’ve collaborated with Jordan –  yes, the sneaker company – to put customized shoes on Fortnite characters. Nickelodeon and Team Evolve have made a horror-survival map, where players have to survive in a battle royal, which is similar to the premise of the series, The Hunger Games. They’ve even worked together with Samsung, to recreate the companies HQ.

The map will be accessible on Valentine’s Day of 2020. The map won’t be an official or in-game one, meaning that interested users will have to look for the code on Team Evolve’s Twitter page.

The fans are already excited to drop into battle.

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