Pringles Makes New ‘Halo Reach’ Moa Burger Flavored Crisps

Pringle's Halo-inspired 'Moa Burger' chips (Image: Pringles)

Pringle's Halo-inspired 'Moa Burger' chips (Image: Pringles)

In a bizarre tweet Wednesday evening, the official Halo account announced a collaboration with Pringles bringing the world ‘Moa Burger’ flavored crisps.

The crisps can be fond exclusively at Walmart, and the announcement hints that they may not be around for long, much like planet Reach’s fictional moa birds themselves. The picture beside the Pringles tin confusingly shows a burger with four red meat patties stacked high, which is improbable for the moa birds, which most certainly have white meat similar to their poultry biological brothers and sisters.

Even though moa birds only live on planet Reach, the crisp can proudly shows Master Chief who was never on planet Reach, well, awake on planet Reach that is. 2010’s Halo Reach starred Noble Team, six spartans during the fall of planet Reach before the events of Master Chief’s story.

A friend and I recently played through Halo Reach‘s campaign online via The Master Chief Collection, making the plight of the moa bird all the more relevant to me. Players meet the moa on Halo Reach‘s first mission Winter Contingency where just after talking to some refugees you see a herd of ostrich-looking birds run beside you. If a player is feeling particularly cold-blooded, you can gun down or even fight the birds yourself.

Speculation is abundant about the timing of Pringles’ release of the Halo-themed chips. Since Halo Infinite was indefinitely delayed, similar to when Cyberpunk 2077‘s peripherals and goodies released on a launch day predating a delay, the partnership may be a remnant of Halo Infinite‘s old release date.

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