‘Project Winter’ Update Adds New Map And Slew Of Features

Project Winter (Photo Courtesy Of Other Ocean Interactive)

Project Winter (Photo Courtesy Of Other Ocean Interactive)

Maybe I’m shouting into a void, but it would be a lie if I said I didn’t like the echo. Project Winter developers, Other Ocean Interactive, unveiled the snowy, deceitful, paranoia game’s newest update which will include a new map and several fresh features.

The new map will feature a hub-zone cabin in the upper northeast “from an elevated position,” Other Ocean wrote in their newest dev-blog. Players can only reach the rest of the map via two cable cars which go up and down the mountain. The private cars and the perfect place for a sneaky reprieve or a dastardly plot.

Alongside several quality-of-play fixes, Other Ocean made one major change to the Identity Thief class that will surely change the dynamic for traitors. If an Identity Thief steals the identity of a dead traitor, they get access to the traitor-only radio channel.  Now, if an Identity Thief wishes to sew ultimate chaos, they could either out the other traitor immediately, or use their class to pull the ultimate ruse.

The last time I jumped into the deceitful tundra, I noticed that queue times are getting a bit long. I suppose now the Trouble in Terrorist Town play-style has gone mainstream, games like Among Us have eaten up a majority players. Project Winter‘s $20 price tag also doesn’t do well toe-to-toe with Among Us‘s $5 asking price. It’s good to see that Other Ocean is determined to keep Project Winter alive amidst competition and I’m hoping to try out the new cable cars soon.

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