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PlayStation Now (Image: Sony)

PlayStation Now (Image: Sony)

Ever wanted to play PlayStation 3 games, but somehow you just never did? Perhaps you were convinced by somebody that PS3 had no games. Not only is anyone who told you that a communist bastard, but PSNow provides a solution to your ever-so-present problem! You can now play PlayStation 3 games not only on your PS4, but also on your PC!

PSNow gives consumers what they’ve wanted for years, options to enjoy classic games legally on both their PS4 and their laptop. In the past, the PS3’s backward compatibility was less than exemplary: forcing gamers to choose between storage space and playing old games, sometimes neither option, especially if you bought one right before the release of the PS3 Slim. Finally, games can be downloaded, deleted and redownloaded at the player’s leisure, solving both problems at once.


You can start your 7-day free trial at any time, and if PSNow catches your eye, it’s $19.99 for a 1 month subscription, while it is $39.99 for a 3 month subscription. They throw an extra month in there just for you, isn’t that nice (It’s how they take all of your money, RUN). But this is too good to be true isn’t it? There must be a limit to the games you can play, or perhaps a small, select choice of games; a collection of the “best” PS3 games that totals up to around 30 games.

Try more than 400 games. They have the list right here, read it and weep. But not in public. Crying in public always ends up being weird and often embarrassing. I know it might seem like I’m really excited for this, understandably so, but I’m not. My computer can’t process PS3 games, it can barely handle Overwatch at its minimum setting, and I don’t own a PS4. If you’re concerned your computer also can’t handle PS3 games I would test it out by downloading Steam and playing some free games on that program.

In any case, with a 7-day free trial option, it’s worth a try for anybody who owns a computer. Considering you’re reading this article online, yes, that means I’m talking to you. PSNow proves that Sony has learned from their past mistakes and is learning to give fans what they really want: a convenient way to play their favorite games at reasonable prices.

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