Reggie Fils-Aimé: Nintendo 3DS Support Will Continue Into 2018

Reggie Fils-Aimé, one of Nintendo’s most prolific public faces, recently discussed the discontinuation of one of his company’s products. Conversely, he also discussed the future of the Nintendo 3DS family.


In a correspondence with IGN, Nintendo of America’s president acknowledged how the Nintendo 3DS line of handhelds will continue to enjoy software announcements. As previously noted, the 3DS will have a presence at E3 where new titles will be unveiled. Plus, more reveals will occur after E3 via the Nintendo Direct presentations.

When asked, Fils-Aimé verified that 3DS support will continue into 2018, ensuring the handhelds will continue to receive new content.

3DS Hey Pikmin character
Hey! Pikmin, the first portable entry in its series, will launch for the Nintendo 3DS on July 28 (Image: Nintendo)

Given the presence of another upcoming revision, IGN asked if Nintendo would expand their Nintendo Selects discount banner with additional titles. Unfortunately, there are no current plans to announce anything of the sort.

IGN concluded their discussion by asking if more retro games would grace the 3DS family through the Virtual Console. Fils-Aimé responded by referencing their appreciation for the fervor in this field, although there’s “nothing to announce right now.”

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