Rumors Circulate That ‘Gran Turismo 7’ Might Be Delayed

Gran Turismo 7 (Image: Sony)

Gran Turismo 7 (Image: Sony)

Rumors have begun to circulate that Gran Turismo 7 might be delayed.

Sony canceled a media event for the game without giving any explanation, according to video game journalist Tom Henderson.

“The Gran Turismo 7 media event, which was scheduled to take place tomorrow has been delayed by Sony and a new date hasn’t been given or an explanation as to why,” he tweeted. “A tad concerning as the game is due to launch on March 4th.”

The last time Sony canceled a media event for The Last of Us Part II the game ended up being delayed shortly after, causing fans to fear the same thing might happen again. Although it is also possible that the cancelation could have been due to Covid, so it’s impossible to know if the title might get pushed back or not.

Gran Turismo 7 was initially announced with a 2020 release window, before being pushed into 2021, and then eventually getting delayed again to its current release date.

The game was recently revealed to have a file size of 110 GB on PS4 and 89.5 GB on PS5, meaning it is most likely close to completion.

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