‘Samurai Showdown’ Issues An Apology Racy Posts About New Female DLC Character

'Samurai Showdown' Issues An Apology Racy Posts About New Female DLC Character

'Samurai Showdown' Issues An Apology Racy Posts About New Female DLC Character

Animated video games have a history of greying the line between what is and what isn’t appropriate for younger audiences. This happens to still be the case today, and when you look at Samurai Showdown’s release of their newest DLC character, the age-old practice rings true. 

The popular video game franchise went a little off the rails on Twitter this week, posting photos of their new character, Iroha, to their account. However, instead of posting photos or videos, showcasing her skills and contributions to the game, they were pretty much photos of her butt. 

The screenshots were followed by a tweet from the Samurai Showdown account saying, “We all horny on main tonight.”

The developer of Samurai Showdown, SNK, has a history of creating games and characters that are supposed to get a sexual rise out of their consumer. A genre that mixes fighting with half-naked women and over-shown cleavage, the developer has really created a lane of its own. However, this new character, Iroha, is purely for sex appeal. She is a subservient maid, with clothes that are a few sizes too small for her. 

The game’s fan community generally has come to the consensus that she serves the purpose of male fanservice primarily. 

However, as male enjoyers of the game rejoiced in more of the same, many female fans were obviously not thrilled. 

While the fighting game community has always struggled with the relationship between what is suitable for all audiences, Samurai Showdown decided to replace their racey images with an apology.

“A number of posts made by this account have been deemed inappropriate and offensive to members of our community.

The admin in charge has been given a strict warning to be more considerate. The offending posts have now been deleted.

Please accept our sincerest apologies,” read the statement

In a more regular community, these types of social media behaviors would be canceled, but since there is a larger war of culture in the video game community, the game’s apology became the rallying cry for male gamers to point fingers at “cultural Marxism and “SJW ideology.” 

This clash of upset fans came raining down on senior programmer Jim Bulmer, who has often been outspoken on his views of social justice. When it was learned by angry male fans that Bulmer had reached out with an apology to the female fans, the boys went for his neck. Since then, Bulmer has deactivated his account. 

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