Sony Confirms Their E3 2017 Time Slot

June’s E3 video game trade show is fast approaching! Sony, as one of the three major hardware manufactures in the industry, has confirmed their slot for their presentation.


As usual, Sony will occupy the 6:00 p.m. PT slot for their presentation. Speaking as someone who’s on the eastern side of the country, their presentation will air at 9.00 p.m. for me. Monday, June 12 is the date.

E3 will be held in Los Angeles, and Sony’s exhibition will occur in The Shrine Auditorium.

Naturally, Sony’s competitors will be present as well, with Microsoft hosting their show the day before. Nintendo, however, will continue their strategy from the past few years and opt for a video performance similar to that of a Nintendo Direct. Specifics pertaining to Nintendo’s show will come later, although we know the Nintendo 3DS will receive attention.

Furthermore, all three will be present with demos and fresh reveals. Similarly, some prolific third-parties will attend the industry event, too. A complete (as-of-this-writing) schedule for E3 can be found at IGN.

The PlayStation 4 family, as Sony’s incumbent console, will receive a lot of attention on June 12 (Image: Sony)

Are you excited for E3?

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