Sony Will Release More PS5 Info ‘When The Time Is Right’

PlayStation 5 (Photo Courtesy of Playstation)

PlayStation 5 (Photo Courtesy of Playstation)

The PS5 is going to have a ton of new features. There will be 3D-audio and sound, a Blu-Ray player, built-in AI interface and many other nifty technological advances. This has all been confirmed by Sony for weeks. Playstation was once again unable to confirm a release date and price, many fans are left optimistic after the release of an earning call transcript from Sony’s 3rd business quarter.

In an announcement, released weeks ago, Hiroki Totoki, CFO and Senior Exectutive Vice President of the company was one of the first statements we’ve had to date. When Totoki was asked about the release date by another reporter, he stated “It’s very difficult to really discuss this timing-wise, but as of today, we will provide the guidance at a time period, which is comparable to the past.” Totoki was not lying, as Sony does have a tendency to not specify the dates of its release until two to three months before release.

In the interview, Totoki also did not even hint to any information about the price of the PS5. It’s fair to believe that Sony is waiting for Microsoft to unveil the price of their newest console before discussing theirs.

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