Spider-Man Coming To ‘Avengers’ Video Game – But Only For PlayStation

Iron Man in Square Enix's Marvel's Avengers

Iron Man in Square Enix's Marvel's The Avengers

Associate art director at Crystal Dynamics, Jeff Adams, announced in a blog that Spider-Man would be coming to the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers video game as DLC “sometime in 2021.” The catch: it’s exclusive to PlayStation. which Adams failed to mention until the very end of the post, “It’s never been a better time to be a spider-fan!  The team at Crystal Dynamics, along with our partners, are overjoyed that we get to be a part of this hero’s gaming journey. We can’t wait for you to add Spider-Man to your Marvel’s Avengers roster in early 2021, and as we’ve promised before, he will be available at no additional cost to owners of the base game, exclusively on PlayStation.”

While this is a great addition to the game, it obviously angered fans who use non-PlayStation consoles. This doesn’t feel like a choice that is made by Crytal Dynamics since all current Spider-Man games including 2018’s Spider-Man is exclusive to PlayStation. The anger is understandable but only if it is directed at the right place – aim your anger at Sony, not the developer.

In his post, Adams did convey a lot of enthusiasm about this movie and the game in general. “This is so personal for me because I cannot remember a time when I didn’t love Marvel and its colorful characters, each more real and believable than the next.  But despite my enjoyment of Captain America, Iron Man Black Widow, and the other Avengers, there was always one character I saw myself reflected in, and that was Peter Parker: The Sensational Spider-Man.  Now I’m getting to channel my lifelong enjoyment of the character into a version of the interactive hero that I hope inspires the next generation of creators… and well, it’s my dream come true.”

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