Steam Game Festival Opens With Over 500 Free & Exclusive Demos

'8-Bit Adventures 2' (Image courtesy of Critical Games)

'8-Bit Adventures 2' (Image courtesy of Critical Games)

Wednesday marked the beginning of the Steam Game Festival on Valve’s PC gaming platform. From February 3 until February 9, Steam users can access over 500 exclusive game demos, several from unreleased games.

Among the overwhelming list of games, several developers are sitting down for livestreams and Q&As with Steam users. Steam also released several genre-centered showcase videos to show the best of what’s available during the event.

From the horror category, Steam highlighted a new indie game from Obscure Tales called Lamentum. The pixel-art horror is based in 19th century New England and features several creepy creatures in it’s debut trailers. Players can download an exclusive demo from the festival.

Hazel Sky is a new adventure game from Coffee Addict Studio debuted at the festival surrounding a lonesome engineer building flying machines on an ambitious beautiful flying island.

In a whirlwind of new role-playing games, 8-Bit Adventures 2 from Critical Games was announced alongside a stunning new fast-paced action-RPG called Unsouled from Megusta Games. Another RPG, No Place For Bravery, shows off crisp pixel-art horrors of war as a tortured warrior searches for his lost daughter.

If the density of game debuts and demos isn’t enough for you, the Steam Lunar New Year sale is due to begin just days after the festival ends.

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2 thoughts on “Steam Game Festival Opens With Over 500 Free & Exclusive Demos

  1. Hi Brandon, developer of 8-Bit Adventures 2 here. I just wanted to say thank you so much for including 8-Bit Adventures 2 in your article! It’s flattering to have our art used as the headline image, and I’m very grateful to be included. Thanks for shining a light on games like mine =D

  2. Hey Josh!

    Thank you so much for your message! I’m looking forward to your game’s release, and consider this an open invitation if you’d ever like to sit down and talk about 8-Bit Adventures for uGames! I really liked 8-Bit Adventures original I’m definitely curious about what goes into making a classic-inspired RPG with unique, fun twists like yours! Thanks again for your comment : )

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