‘Street Fighter 6’ Reveals New Female Characters Kimberly & Juri

'Street Fighter 6' character Kimberly (Image: Capcom)

'Street Fighter 6' character Kimberly (Image: Capcom)

Capcom is counting down the days to the release of Street Fighter 6, and they pulled out the stops at EVO 2022 as part of their press runs regarding the upcoming release. This time they used the event to share details on two new characters being added to their roster.

Capcom released a gameplay trailer for two new female characters Kimberly and Juri, and fans cannot contain their excitement.

Kimberly was a new addition to the roster and was teased in the trailer for the game’s announcement. Her inclusion makes her the first playable African-American woman in Street Fighter history. She is described as a “spunky new ninja” and has a variety of special moves which include a spray can and a Walkman.

Her inclusion had many fans excited and taking to the internet to voice their pleasure.

Also included in the reveal was the return of Juri. Juri first made her Street Fighter debut in Street Fighter 4 and is described as “a sadistic thrillseeker who enjoys the suffering of others, taking immense joy in obliterating her foes.”

Juri is redesigned to fit the aesthetic of the new game but still takes inspiration from her Street Fighter4 version. Her moves remain quite similar but have different properties to match game speed, combinations and flow.

Many long-time Juri mains also expressed their glee at her return.

Street Fighter 6 will release in 2023.

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