‘Street Fighter 6’ Shoryukens Opening Weekend By Surpassing One Million Player Mark

Character from Street Fighter 6 (Image: Capcom)

Character from Street Fighter 6 (Image: Capcom)

On Monday, the game publisher Capcom declared on the official Japanese Street Fighter Twitter account that their fighting title Street Fighter 6 has achieved over one million players on its opening weekend.

With over 50 million copies sold and amazing review scores of nine out of ten from both IGN and Steam, Street Fighter 6 has come out swinging for the fences. Once the player milestone was reached, Capcom celebrated this triumph with a present for players: A title for their profiles “Just Picked Up SF6”.

Speaking of Steam, Street Fighter 6 has also become the most-played fighting game for PC. Its defeated foes include its previous incarnation Street Fighter 5, Mortal Kombat 11 and Tekken 7!

Six years removed from Street Fighter 5, the groundwork for the new title’s feats started with its teaser trailer back in 2022. Capcom added fuel to the fire through its series of trailers and betas featuring its roster of fighters and a robust collection of game modes. The Japanese video game company even made strides in various partnerships that include Chipotle and Reebok.

One ingredient to the game’s striking success is the highly regarded World Tour mode, which includes an open world, touching tributes to other games in the genre and a create-a-character for the mode. It takes the traditional two-dimensional fighting game and adds a twist to a classic game style.

However, it has not all been sunshine and rainbows for Capcom. There was strife within the game’s atmosphere that stemmed from their Year 1 Ultimate Pass. Players found that there was a discrepancy in what content was available, and it was loud enough for Capcom to clear the air.

Despite this, however, Street Fighter 6’s base content has been well received and has plans for DLC releases in the future that features characters Rashid, AKI, Ed and Gouki (Akuma). Look out for them in Summer 2023, fall 2023, Winter 2024 and Spring 2024, respectively.

Until then, game on.

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