Texas Gamer Dia Lathora Called Ambulance For UK Friend Aidan Jackson After Hearing Him Suffer Seizure Online

Dia Lathora

Dia Lathora

During a gaming session online with his friend, a teen in the UK started to have a seizure. His teammate, a woman living in Texas, heard him, and when he stopped answering, she called the local police in the Britain to help her friend on another continent.

Aidan Jackson is 17 years-old, who resides in Widnes, England. On January 2, he was playing with Dia Lathora when he began feeling weird. Little did he know, his fellow gamer, would save his life. Lathora heard what sounded like a seizure. She attempted to talk to Jackson but he never answered.

“When he didn’t respond I instantly started to look up the emergency number for the EU,” Lathora said. She couldn’t find the emergency number so she called the non-emergency number instead and shared Jackson’s address with the police. An ambulance was sent to his house.

Jackson’s parents were downstairs during the whole incident unaware that their son was having a full-on seizure upstairs. When the first responders arrived at the home, Jackson’s parents had no idea why they were there. One of the responders explained that they received a call from America of an unresponsive male.

Jackson was brought to a hospital and stabilized. Now he is home in the process of seeing doctors about his seizure. This was not Jackson’s first seizure. In May of 2019, a seizure sent him to the hospital.

Once Jackson returned home, both Jackson and his parents thanked Lathora for her help.


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