The Dream-Come-True Collaboration Lego & Animal Crossing Is Happening

In a surprising twist, Lego and Animal Crossing have joined forces in an exciting venture that fans never saw coming.

Rumours started circling last month that this union was potentially in the works.

Now it has been confirmed that these two cherished franchises are actually coming together.

Island getaways and critter companions will soon be constructible with those iconic multi-colored bricks.

At first, some fans saw signs about kits coming out based on a Nintendo game about living in a village with animals, thought to be realizing in March 2024.

Nintendo’s Twitter put fuel on the fire with a tweet showing a Lego version of something from Animal Crossing.

Lego provided a peek at versions of characters for Tom Nook, Isabelle, Kapp’n, Rosie the cat, Bunnie, Marshall, Fauna and Julian.

People sure are hoping for some special characters to show up, especially the classy kitty Raymond who everyone playing Animal Crossing just adores.

The teaser dropped some major hints about certain iconic parts fans would recognize from the game.

Those trees with all the different types of fruits on them and that grass with its crazy design were seen.

In addition, the trailer spotlighted other memorable aspects straight out of the game that’ll probably show up later, too.

It’s got fans excited to start collecting everything so their world has all the true to life details just like in the game.

Lego usually does big reveals – so keep an eye on their social media handles.

This collaboration was thought to be just the start of more sets based on the beloved game.

Lego’s work with Nintendo before led to cool toy lines like the Super Mario gang and the Donkey Kong clan.

Maybe Lego Zelda is next!

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