‘The Medium’ Offers Immersive Experience With PS5 Features

The Medium (Photo Courtesy Of Bloober Team)

The Medium (Photo Courtesy Of Bloober Team)

Developed by Bloober Team, The Medium introduces a world of duality: the tangible, physical realm and the spiritual one. Though separated, two realms are weaved by the same thread of reality, interchangeably affecting one another.

As a medium, you will be traversing between the real world and the spirit world, uncovering the dark secrets surrounding the death of a young lady. To surmount challenges in both worlds, you’ll use your psychic abilities that exceed human limitations. For example,  you’ll utilize the spiritual power to open doors that are not supposed to be unlocked. Moreover, try to survive from “The Maw” – the demonic entities born from tragedies. They will stand in your way to answers and truth.

Throughout the game, players should definitely pay attention to the story. As reported by PC Gamer’s review, the characters show many layers of complexity that stimulate your curiosity to delve into their thoughts, and the plot itself is “exquisitely paced” with an even more elegant ending.

The Medium is set in a third-person mode with horror and mystery-solving features throughout the game. That being said, the most prominent feature of the game is the dual-reality gameplay as shown in the trailer. While the constant shift between two worlds might distract people, the Medium utilizes PS5’s special techniques to ensure the engagement of players.

Although The Medium was originally billed as an Xbox console exclusive, it was confirmed in a press release that it will come with “full DualSense support.” It means that adaptive triggers and haptic feedback will both be available in the game. The former increases the tension of your buttons, and the latter simulates in-game activities through different levels of vibration.

Currently, the reviews are rather inconsistent. While Gamesradar calls it a “misstep,” PC Gamer considers it “one of the best third-person horror games.” Still, if you’re a big fan of horror games, you should definitely give The Medium a try.

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