Updated Version Of ‘Nier: Automata’ Launches For Game Pass On PC, Leaves Steam Version In Old State

'Nier Automata' (Image courtesy of Platinum Games)

'Nier Automata' (Image courtesy of Platinum Games)

Some people may not be aware, but Xbox Game Pass isn’t just for Xbox. Anyone with a Windows PC can access the near-ridiculous catalog of games on the Xbox Game Pass right from their computer. Game Pass players can now access Nier: Automata Become as Gods Edition on PC for the first time after the game arrived on the service in March. Steam players, however, are still stuck with the original version of the game with a suite of issues.

The Become as Gods Edition of the game originally released only on Xbox One in 2018 and offered players several bumps in video options including HDR and 4K textures. The new edition also wiped some nasty bugs from the original 2017 release. While the Become as Gods Edition was only available on Xbox for the past three years, Game Pass players can now access the unquestionably superior version of Nier: Automata while players still on PC, but using Steam can’t even buy the new, enhanced version of the game.

As a result, Nier: Automata‘s original Steam page has been bombarded with several hundred negative reviews from users. Being that Microsoft and Steam have been rubbing shoulders more as of late, gamers will hopefully see the updated version of Nier: Automata on Steam soon enough. The upcoming game Nier: Replicant is already on the way for both Steam and all current Xbox  consoles.

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