‘Warframe’s New Update: Space Ship-to-Ship Combat And More



Digital Extremes added a ton of new additions to Warframe after their Tennocon conference this past weekend, including new quests, Warframes and more open world zones. But the most exciting thing to come in their new expansion has to be the new ship-to-ship combat.

Space combat in ships is a new development of mass excitement. It was first announced last year after their Empyrean update that revealed little, but excited fans nonetheless. Warframe is one of the fascinating open-world PC games that has a complex system of looting and fun combat with leveling up. The guild housing system is already a fun way to team up with a clan of your choosing and build spaceships that are customizable, which are now able to fight. Using the spaceships, called Railjacks, to explore a ton of regions in open space around the Warframe solar system and loot material will jack up your Railjack’s abilities. The open-world concept of this game continues to grow more exciting.

The ship-to-ship combat system is highly manageable and looks out-of-this-world fun. In the Tennocon livestream conference, the developers displayed their innovative, new combat system, which makes this game next-level. Steve Sinclair, the creative developer of the studio, talked about these additions to Warframe as a “connection” with different players that help smooth the game over with its new core features, according to PC Gamer.

Along with the new ship-to-ship combat system, there are two new open-world zones, and a third that looks more menacing and eyrie than anything else in the game. Warframe will have you play as an operator with special powers, and will be able to travel in the open-world zones that are new released. You can even tame robot-horses.

The New War expansion pack is set to be released on Christmas, and will contain fun and innovative character stories that will be exciting to build upon.

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