Warner Bros. Discovery Is Wiping Almost All Titles From Adult Swim Games Catalog From Marketplaces

 Soundodger+ (Image: Warner Bros.)

 Soundodger+ (Image: Warner Bros.)

In light of the controversial decisions from Warner Bros. Discovery, such as the last-minute cancellations of several HBO Max series along with a refusal to release the nearly finished Batgirl film, the studio has struck again by announcing that they will be pulling games published by Adult Swim Games from online marketplaces.

This announcement has brought anger and fear among developers and fans as the company has listed that they were going through “business changes” leading to their decision to pull the games. Some developers such as Owen Deery and Michael Molinari have gone public with their thoughts regarding this decision as their games will be affected dramatically.

On X, Deery had announced that after receiving the notice that his game, Small Radio Big Televisions, would be “retiring” from Steam and the PlayStation stores his game would be free to download on his website until the removal date. The developer had also noted that the email he received from Warner Bros. regarding his game’s removal was a “Legal Notice” that did not seem to allow for further discussion on the matter.

Molinari had shared a similar experience with Warner Bros. regarding the upcoming delistment of his game, Soundodger+. 

In a post he had shared on X, he stated that they were “refusing to transfer ownership” to him after his request to attempt to keep his game on Steam. In the same thread, he said that they would allow developers to republish their games onto marketplaces with the removal of all names and references to Adult Swim Games, however, this would erase the game’s previous reviews and wishlists, restarting the release from square one.

Both creators as well as other developers affected by this wave of removals have been met with support from their fans, expressing their frustrations with Warner Bros. for their destructive decisions. Many commenters online have criticized the corporation for its focus on its shareholders over its creators and fans, causing a tumultuous rift between Warner Bros. Discovery and its consumers.

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