Xbox One Improves On Home Interface In New Update

Xbox One X

Xbox One X (Microsoft)

Even with the announcement of a new Xbox within the year, Microsoft has unleashed new updates for the Xbox One’s interface. Many updates regarding to the main menu have been automatically released to users.

Much like cellphones, Xbox One’s have finally been equipped to handle automatic updates. Whenever the Xbox is on, expect games to automatically install their software in the background of the user’s experience. Microsoft also added in a feature that allows players to add or remove any menu items that they please.

Now, conversations between two Xbox users can contain photo images and GIFs. All messages that are sent from mobile phones, will finally be seen on the console.




With Mixer – a service like Twitch, but owned by Microsoft º users can now use the ‘classic’ option to watch streamers in, and even select the specific screen resolution that their favorite gamers stream on.

There’s an enhancement to the Xbox’s ‘Storage Management System,’ and this feature helps users utilize the amount of hard-drive space on their consoles. Before the update, the system would tip the player about which content should be cut, based solely on the size of the content. Now, the Xbox One will recommend moving possible files into ‘external storage.’

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