‘Xenoblade Chronicles 3’ Is Coming Soon, Here’s What We Know

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

E3 is on the horizon and many studios are bombarding gamers with content for upcoming games and projects, it’s almost too much to handle. The latest news comes out of a special Nintendo Direct last week. In the event, the official teaser for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 was released and gave gamers a look at the newest part of the famed now-trilogy.

The new game follows the story and timeline from Xenoblade 2 but features an entirely new cast and story.

The setting is a world of war and conflict, where two sides come to gather to defeat a greater enemy. The player is introduced to two parties consisting of three unique characters. The first one consisted of Noah, Eunie and Lanz, while their opposition included Taion, Sent and Mio. Joining together to form a party of six, it is up to the player to recruit the seventh member of the party, and the choice is hard.


As is customary in many RPGs, each character comes with its own set of abilities and special traits. For example, the characters that players can recruit are Valdi, who can heal other characters and Alexandria whose critical hits inflict more damage.

Players can expect a lot of changes from Xenoblade 2, however. One of them involves combat. A new combo system has been introduced using Arts. Arts are special abilities that are attributed to certain Nintendo Switch buttons. Combining arts allows devastating combo attacks. None of this would be possible without the implantation of real-time combat within Xenoblade 3. Now players can switch between characters and a streamlined combat system makes gameplay fun and smooth.

In addition to the game itself, players can also purchase the Expansion Pass for an addition $30. With this, players get in-game items to help with missions, different outfits for characters, and access to additional content that will be added later. Players can also purchase the Collector’s Edition, which comes with an art book and SteelBook case.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will launch on July 29 for Nintendo Switch.

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