Youtuber ‘Ekita’ Found Dead After Disappearing For A Week



Desmond Amofah, or “Etika,” a famous Youtuber best known for making Nintendo videos with over 130,000 subscribers, was found dead on Tuesday after being missing for six days.

Amofah vanished after he posted a video to his Youtube channel saying he expressed suicidal thoughts, according to CNN. The video has been taken down from the channel.

According to BBC and CNN, his belongings, including a cellphone and a backpack, were found at the Manhattan Bridge in New York City.

His Twitch account has since been deleted, but his Instagram and Twitter account remain active, which have a combined following of over 550,000.

Ekita’s Youtube account was a channel for new Nintendo releases to talk about and review. He also talked about other gaming topics, but mostly covered Nintendo products and games.

“One of the best streamers in the game. He lost a channel of over 800,000 [subscribers] and made a new one and was right back pulling thousands of viewers. Wherever he’s laid to rest I’ll be there,”a Youtuber famously known as Keemstar said, according to BBC.

Ekita had a tracked history of suffering from mental illnesses. In April, Amofah had a live stream set with a standoff with the NYPD. According to the Verge, NYPD said that Amofah was threatening to kill himself inside his apartment with a gun. In May, Ekita assaulted a police officer and was put in a local hospital.

Youtubers all around the world have been streaming on their channels for donation platforms to provide those who suffer from mental illnesses. While the cause of his death is still unknown at this time, the Youtube community has came together to mourn and recognize all he did for the growing online community.

To contact the NYPD with any particular information or leads regarding Amofah’s life and disappearance can contact them at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477).

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