A Sealed Copy Of ‘Kid Icarus’ Was Sold For $9,000

Kid Icarus NES

Kid Icarus NES (Nintendo)

If you’re passionate about a hobby, chances are you’ll spend a fair amount of money on it. Gaming, in particular retro gaming, is one such pastime that can be pricey, especially if you’re lucky enough to find an unopened copy of an old-school classic. Scott Amos of Reno, Nevada, recently found a sealed copy of Kid Icarus, Nintendo’s 1987 tribute to Greek mythology.

Speaking with the Reno Gazette Journal on Monday, he was cleaning the attic in his childhood home when he discovered the J.C. Penney bag that housed the classic NES game. According to the receipt, the game was purchased on Dec. 8, 1988, so he figures his mom bought it for him as a Christmas present but forgot to give it to him. Amos initially figured selling it would nab him a few hundred dollars until a few people appraised in the retro market told him what it’s really worth.

Amos attended an auction that Thursday, where he sold his copy of the 8-bit side-scroller for $9,000.

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